Happy2helpp put forward fully-fledged Data Research and Data Mining Services and techniques to the clients with the help of experienced Web Researchers and editors. We support and produce for all environments up to the level of your expectation.

Our production is of high quality and low cost. Our technological edge is passed on to you in increased efficiency and makes you outstanding among your competitors. You can store and retrieve information as easily as browsing the web.

Happy2helpp has extensive experience in data capture and mining with a large team of skilled professionals who excavate the World Wide Web, harvest data and offer them to you in the format you call for. This experience is the basis for IT PRO Inc.'s accuracy and aptness and for our leadership in the areas of database and directory creation, maintenance and updating

Our Services include:

Data Capturing:

  • We take on detail research on the topics you require.

  • From a list of web sites, create your database which meets your requirement, either by filling up an online form at your website or by creating and offline database.

  • Perform Online data entry and remote verification: from paper/image to web, or web to web.

  • Carry out online data retrieval and data entry to hunt online resources and enter relevant data from those sites into the database according to your requirements.

  • Identify the products specified by you and add them to your website database through the content management tools.


Database Management:

  • We prepare an online catalogue for our clients by online data-retrieval, searching on the Internet identifying source URLs, and gathering information.

  • Red Flag Report: Comparing prices for a product across various websites, and preparing a report, which marks those prices which are higher or lower than the prevailing prices by a certain percentage.

  • We build a list of emails of potential clients for the promotion and distribution of their products and services.

  • Send initial contact email to the prospects identified as above Search for relevant data from the Company's web-site and collect several type of information like Contact Information, Investors, and Industry from the corresponding sites.

ITPRO ensures superior quality and data mining service which maintains long–term partnerships with the clients. Projects are executed with the combination of outstanding human talent and new technologies.